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Walk through the doors of Fayetteville’s George’s Majestic Lounge and you’ll see its history.You’ll see the faces of past proprietors smiling out from their frames hung on the walls.You’ll see regulars who’ve known the place for decades, youngsters who’ve stumbled in for the first time. But the fact is, when a place has been around for 90 years, you don’t have to see the history to feel it
By Bonnie Bauman | Photography by Wesley Hitt
44 BEST OF 2017
Double entendres. Pets rendered in needlepoint. Crystals. Grandmas. Cheese. We know, we know. If we were to make a context-free list of all the folks, businesses, snacks and necessary social media follows included in this year’s list of superlatives, we’d likely raise some eyebrows. (Your eyebrows are probably raised even now.) But know this, reader : You’re gonna want to take a look. Because, really: It’s the best
By Katie Bridges, Jordan P. Hickey and Wyndham Wyeth Photography by Arshia Khan

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